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Shanxi Steel is a leading 200 Series Stainless Steel Plate Supplier known for its top quality and innovative. The products we offer are designed for strength and durability to meet the demanding requirements of different industries. Rely on Shanxi Steel for your stainless steel requirements.

Why Shanxi Steel 200 Series Stainless Steel?

The 200 Series stainless steel is one of the groups of austenitic stainless alloys which are distinguished by their low nickel content when compared with the popular 300 stainless steels. It is made up of chromium, nickel and manganese. The most common composition for 200 Series stainless steel consists of 17% chromium with four percent nickel, as well as 7% manganese but these figures can change little between alloys in the range.

Cost-effective A lower content of nickel means that the 200 series is less expensive than the 300 series as nickel is the more expensive metal alloying element.

Properties of magnetic: Contrary to most 300 series, certain kinds of 200 series of stainless steel can be magnetic due to the different alloy composition.

The resistance to corrosion is Although they offer excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to corrosion, the these stainless steel grades tend to be believed to be weaker to rust compared to 304 and 316 grades in the 300 series. It is due to the smaller nickel and chromium levels.

200 Series Stainless Steel Specification

200 Series Stainless Steel Uses

Commercial Kitchen Counters

Plates made from stainless steel 200 series are extensively employed for commercial counters because of their resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning, which creates a clean setting for food preparation.

stainless steel chemical processing tanks

Chemical Processing Tanks

These plates are ideal for chemical processing tanks, offering excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, which prevents corrosion and maintains purity.


Bulk Food Storage Containers

Utilized for bulk food storage containers, 200 Series stainless steel ensures food safety and freshness by resisting corrosion and not reacting with the stored food products.


Automotive Trims

The 200 Series stainless steel is commonly used in automotive trim for its aesthetic appeal and durability, providing a sleek and rust-resistant finish to vehicles.


Architectural Cladding

These plates are preferred for architectural cladding due to their strength and ability to withstand environmental elements, offering buildings a modern and protective exterior.

Hospital Surgical Equipment

The hygienic properties of 200 Series stainless steel make it suitable for hospital surgical equipment, ensuring instruments are easy to sterilize and corrosion-resistant.

Railway Coaches Interior Panels

These 201 stainless steel plates are employed in the interior panels of railway coaches, providing durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance to wear and tear during transit.Safe to use in railway coaches.


Electronic Enclosures

Ideal for electronic enclosures, 200 Series stainless steel protects sensitive electronic equipment from corrosion and external impacts, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the devices.

Conveyor Belts in Food Processing

Used in conveyor belts for food processing plants, this material prevents contamination and withstands the rigorous cleaning processes required in food safety.

Advantages of 200 Series Stainless Steel Sheet



201 stainless steel is more affordable, offering significant savings with less nickel content.

High Strength

High Strength

Features a high strength-to-weight ratio, ideal for structural applications requiring less weight.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

Can be easily polished or brushed for a visually appealing finish, perfect for decorative uses.

Superior Formability and Weldability

Our 200 series stainless steel plates boast excellent formability and weldability, allowing for easier and more efficient fabrication, fitting a wide range of manufacturing processes and application requirements.


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

At Shanxi Steel, we are committed to sustainable practices. Our 200 series production processes are designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring that customers are making an environmentally responsible choice.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every project has unique requirements. Shanxi Steel offers customized dimensions and finishes of the 200 Series stainless steel plate that precisely meet your needs to ensure your complete satisfaction with every purchase.

Common Products


201 Stainless Steel Sheet

Shanxi Steel offers 201 stainless steel sheet plate as an impressive combination of strength and aesthetic appeal, ideal for applications across many industries. Part of austenitic stainless steel, its primary characteristic is lower nickel content – offering affordable quality without compromise! Composed with manganese and nitrogen elements, its corrosion resistance matches 300 series products while offering greater formability and weldability than previous series such as 200 or 300 series varieties.

202 Stainless Steel Sheet

Our stainless steel 202 sheet plate is tailored to meet the demands of those seeking superior quality and value in their products. As part of the austenitic stainless steel family, this grade offers excellent corrosion resistance with higher manganese and chromium contents than its more popular 304 counterpart. Thanks to high shapeability and weldability capabilities, 202 is also easy to integrate into a variety of projects from kitchen appliances to architectural features with ease.

203 Austenitic Stainless Steel

Its Austenitic stainless Steel family, type 203 is well known for its superior combination of mechanical properties and cost effectiveness. This alloy stands out with lower levels of nickel as well as manganese and nitrogen to maintain an austenitic structure. This makes it an affordable alternative to more conventional stainless steels like 304. Most notable qualities of aluminum alloy include its formability, weldability and corrosion-resistance from atmospheric sources – making it suitable for applications like utensils, automobile components and construction materials. Furthermore, its combination of quality and price make it popular choice in engineering and manufacturing projects.

204 Stainless Steel

As a revolutionary alloy, 204 stainless steel is an important technological development in material science. Created to offer improved strength and corrosion resistance than its predecessors, its special formula contains increased nitrogen and manganese contents to deliver improved mechanical properties and pliability – perfect for use as everything from kitchen utensils to automobile trim proving its versatility and opening up new manufacturing methods that are both more efficient and environmentally-friendly. Its introduction not only filled a gap in the market but has also opened doors to more efficient production practices that offer sustainable manufacturing practices as well.

205 Stainless Steel

Introduced onto markets, 205 Stainless Steel is an impressive development in alloys that combine durability and corrosion resistance. Intended to serve those searching for an economical alternative to stainless steel 304, its lower nickel content not only makes 205 more cost-effective but less susceptible to price fluctuations associated with nickel. Perfect for kitchenware to automobile parts production lines alike 205’s introduction marks an evolution towards more environmentally sustainable but still highly efficient materials used by manufacturing sector.

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Shanxi Steel offers an optimal balance between high quality and affordability with our 200 series. These plates provide a budget-friendly alternative without compromising the premium quality our customers expect.

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